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Be a net ninja

Your history may be blank, but your lapel won't be.

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The most coveted, underground collection of video game themed art known on this pale blue dot.

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The Wall of Humility We're the Best...Around?

I started using Super Team Deluxe™ on my bald spots with great success. Even my tennis game has improved!

What do I love most about Super Team Deluxe™? Probably the lip balm. Wait, that's not them? Well, then who the hell is Super Team Deluxe™?

I never thought I'd pay for something S.T.D. related. I got something that I'll keep with me forever!

Here's what I found on the web for 'Uber Steam did lugs':

I wore the pizza pin to my senior prom...the hottest cheerleader came up to me...and totally ignored me, but damn I love pizza.

Super Team Deluxe™ is my second favorite brand. But my first favorite brand is United Airlines so I'm not exactly a wellspring of credibility.

Super Team Deluxe are the best dance troop I've graced the stage with — The'yre Powerful. Flexible. Dynamic.

Wait. Pins and patches? They're cool too.

I was asked to leave a party once while wearing some Super Team Deluxe™. To be fair, they were all that I was wearing, but I'm pretty sure it was the pins that offended people.

No, I can't confirm that these Super Team Deluxe™ pins are a horcrux, but let me ask you: Can you confirm that they're not?