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Tears of a Bounty Hunter $10

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Bad guys are often misunderstood, and Boba Fett is no exception. Did you know that as a young Mandalorian clone, young Boba was teased and bullied by his peers because his name was Bob Fetters? Turns out, he internalized his struggle and didn't twirl on them haters and changed his name to a more accepted "Boba Fett" and hid behind his mask in shame.

True lore and legend here, right from the lost Lucas scripts. So pick up a pin today, to show Bob Fetters that we love him, just the way he was.

  • Limited edition of 100
  • Sequentially numbered on back
  • Soft enamel with antique gold finish and rubber clutch
  • Approx 1" tall by 0.75" wide

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Locking Pin Backs

12 individual locking pin backs!

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