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Jonesy Alien Series $10

Toughest kitty on the block? Did you know that Jones and Ripley were the only survivors aboard the Nostromo? Right you knew that... Little is known of Jonesy's fame and lore, as he occupied nearly 3 seconds of screen time, is a cat, and quite honestly the screen writers wrote his character all wrong. Will that stop you from adorning this deep cut from Alien?  Hell. No.

Art by Rogie of Super Team Deluxe
Website  |  Dribbble  |  Twitter   Instagram

This piece originally debuted in the Sci-Fidelity, a Pop-Up Gallery hosted by Super Team Deluxe at Creative South.

  • Black Soft enamel 
  • Approx 0.7" tall by 0.88" wide
  • Green rubber clutch
  • Limited Edition of 100

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