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Enamel Pins

Font Lover $10

You've been studying fonts for years and if there were a Doctorate in fontography, you'd have magna-cum-lauded, for sure. You scoff at your aunt flo's use of comic-sans for her daughter's wedding invite. When Avatar came out, you were the only one in the theatre with heavily laden breath, enduring the eye-scorching pain of an altered Papyrus that would be much better fit for a Greek Gyros menu than a box-office sci-fi hit. We get you and you get us. We're the same type.

Today, my fine fonted friend, you get to stand tall with your x-height and show off your baseline, with a pin that will leave type nerds in type lust.

  • Soft enamel with antique gold finish and rubber clutch
  • Approx 0.65" tall by 1" wide


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