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Ancient legend tells of a way to be delivered a message via carrier pigeon at the very instant this product is re-stocked. Black Magic, we know, but if you'll lend your email, we'll take care of the science and sorcery.

So you sent a risky message; you gave it all you had. Tossed your chips in, if you will. You flew the flag of forward-ity and for-gods-sake-this-better-workedness. Your not-so cryptic communication launched like a bat out of hell into the stratosphere, propelled from satellite to satellite like a drunken pinball champion and here you sit—awaiting your undetermined judgment. On the other side of the void, a response begins to take shape; cloaked by the veil of the aptly-titled anxiety ellipsis. The specter of ambiguity. What spoils await you? Be it riches or condemnation? Treasure or rebuke? That, my friend, is yours to be reaped—if only you can pay the toll of time.

  • Soft enamel pin with rubber clutch
  • Approx 0.85" wide x 1" tall

Want to keep your pin safe?

Locking Pin Backs

12 individual locking pin backs!

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