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Zero Fucks Given Black Nickel Variant $10

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Yeah, we get it—you didn’t ask for this. But at this point, you can’t be bothered for input and we know better than to ask. We know that your fuck crop has had anything but a bountiful yield this year. We know that your fuck well has finally run dry. Fucks once ran wild on this plentiful fucks reserve; naturally-occuring fucks were sprouting up as far as the eye could see! But lo, those fucks are gone. Like all good things, these fucks, too, must end. So here’s a lapel—as if you have a fuck to give about it.

  • Soft enamel pin with a black nickel finish and a rubber clutch
  • Approx 0.9" tall x 0.9" wide

Want to keep your pin safe?

Locking Pin Backs

12 individual locking pin backs!

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