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Les Incompétents Patch $10

So maybe you woke up in a pizza, whiskey stained pile of your own filth and you've begun to question your own ability to adult long enough to put your pants on. Your 5 year old nephew won more accolades than you have at age 28?  Perhaps you're hearing that still, small voice... You're what the French call, Les Incompétents.

So pack the rubber sheets, down a pepsi (we aren't affiliated with Pepsi™, but if the rubber sheets are tight enough and the Selena Gomez is playing, we'll affiliate with ferocity and passion) and don this patch as a way to show all those flemwads that you're fully fuckin firm, flexing your flaws.

We're saying hell no to self-hate and hell yes to self-love-the-thing-you-hated-but-now-you're-flaunting-it (its all a guess here folks — we're not psychologists).

  • Iron-on patch
  • 4" wide by 1.5" tall
  • Twill backing with overlock border


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