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BFGS: Big F*ckin' Game Show

Sticker Pack BFGS 4 $12

The official BFGS:1 sticker pack in all of it's glory — and you too can feel yourself leveling up as you adhere here and there. The stickyness on these stickers is some of the finest sticky substances we've felt. 10/10. Would stick again. 

Sticker Guide

  • 6 stickers shown per pack
  • Each sticker is around 3.5"
    Stick anywhere that stickers stick
  • Sticking profusely in the Gerudo Desert did not attract Gerudo hotties
  • Can work as a band-aid. Does not stop bleeding. Prevents healing.
  • Won't function as undergarments. Take our word on this one

    Want to keep your pin safe?

    Locking Pin Backs

    12 individual locking pin backs!

    Additional Wares For Your Impeccable Taste We're on to you. Get on us.