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What is Super Team Deluxe?

We’re glad you asked! Super Team Deluxe is a collaborative funhouse churning out products that we like for other people that might like them too. 

That sounds an awful lot like the About section on the homepage.

That doesn’t sound like a question. This is an FAQ, after all.

That sounds an awful lot like the About section on the homepage?

I’m not sure I understand the question. Next question.

Who is a part of the Super Team (Deluxe)?

Organically speaking, the official roster includes Rogie King, Justin Mezzell, Hannah Mezzell, Drew Melton and Alicja Colon. There’s a small bridge-dwelling troll that we’ve had to occasionally pay in blood sacrifices for ideas and hoagies, but he’s been pretty chill about this whole arrangement being more of a guest appearance sort of gig. Also, our lawyers have denied any and all involvement.

This sounds a lot like a real company.

Phrasing, please.

This sounds a lot like a real company?

Don’t patronize us.

What sort of products do you intend on making?

We haven’t thought too much about the future since we’re amazed that we’ve gotten this far, but we’re currently peddling lapel pins and patches over the internet. In person, the menu gets much larger (mortgages, amirite?), but I also can’t promise you’ll want what Rogie’s selling. What we can tell is that the plan is absolutely to expand our offerings beyond these initial launch projects. Expect to see regular product updates so come back early and often. See something you’d like from us that we don’t currently sell online? Get in touch with us and we may just make it.

Are you folks interested in collaborating on a product?

Wow, seriously, we’re honored. If we were in a school lunch room, this clearly wouldn’t be the “cool” table—and considering the fact that nearly half of this team was homeschooled, they won’t even understand that reference. Or lockers, for that matter. Alas, we’re just getting things off the ground here at home base, so our ability to collaborate is somewhat let's just say it's us. Not you. No, you're amazing. You really are. It us. And God it's hard to look in the mirror.

What if I something I ordered wasn’t delivered?

First off, stay calm. Deep, concentrated breaths and drink plenty of fluids. We’d love to help! You can contact us and we’ll look into it.

Did you write this FAQ yourself? Like, are you just asking yourself these questions? Or did other people ask?

Who’s asking? No, really. I can’t tell anymore.