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You're personally invited to the most exclusively sought after loose association that bears the title “Super Club” in the world. Is that factually correct, you might ask? Well, we're artists not statisticians. But while the jury may be out on science, it's certainly not out on the benefits of joining superfluous groups that exist on the internet.

What does this mean for you? It means free stuff; plain and simple. It means first dibs on upcoming merch, generous helpings from the gossip teat, and maybe even uncensored exclusive photos of Justin's knees and/or elbows. Consider it a backstage pass for mediocrity. If that doesn’t dampen your brow, we’re not sure what will.

So how do I get free stuff?

It’s simple, really: Sign up for the Super Club. It’s that painless (unless you’re into that, in which case we’ll see what we can do). We couldn’t have made it more easy if we tried—and we rarely do. On the 1st and 15th of every month, we’ll announce a random winner from the Super Club mailing list to receive a Deluxe Care Package from the Super Team packed with goodies to make your coldest grandparents break a sweat even with the air conditioning on.

And who knows, in the meantime, we’ll do occasional goodie drops and just toss some merchandise out to the good folks in the Super Club whenever we’d like. Generosity, ho!

What else is in it for me?

Aside from the overwhelming joy of being a part of something larger than yourself and yet less significant? Well, we’re working on it. We're planning on some pretty exciting things to come down the line, but like most things in life, it takes time and a lot of sustained weeping in a locked bathroom stall. While we ready the sails, just ponder the possibilities of just what we will launch and stay tuned for further news and inevitable glory.