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Browser $10

Proclaim your personal-computing proficiency with a pin that not only says “I like the web”, but also “I love it enough to wear it in actualized form”.  Long have scientists sought to render the browser in the real world only to officially declare it an impossibility in 2002. But with much concentration and only minimal bodily harm, Super Team Deluxe has finally constructed what others have only dreamed of—the worldwide web in lapel form! Dry your joyously weeping eyes and become the fully realized worker of the web you likely weren't destined to become!

And before you ask: No, unfortunately, this wee browser doesn’t come with Incognito Mode.
  • Hard enamel with nickel plating and rubber clutch
  • Approx .65" tall by .8" wide

Want to keep your pin safe?

Locking Pin Backs

12 individual locking pin backs!