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Enamel Pins

Pocket UI Utilitarian Variant $12

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Measure twice, cut as many times at it takes, dammit. You're not perfect.

You (see, also: no one) asked for it (probably not this), and we’ve delivered! A pocket-knife-inspired take on the Adobe Illustrator menu bar. Yes, we know, the prophecies foretold of such glory. No, we weren’t sure it would be so magnificent. And of course you can use it to do quite literally anything a traditional Swiss Army Knife would do—just MUCH slower. The tools of your trade can now literally be your tool of the suede; provided you own any suede.

  • Limited edition of 50
  • Sequentially numbered on back
  • Soft enamel pin with nickel finish and rubber clutch
  • Approx 1" tall x 0.85" wide

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