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BFGS: Big F*ckin' Game Show

Sticker Pack BFGS 4 $12

The official BFGS:1 sticker pack in all of it's glory — and you too can feel yourself leveling up as you adhere here and there. The stickyness on these stickers is some of the finest sticky substances we've felt. 10/10. Would stick again. 

Sticker Guide

  • 6 stickers shown per pack
  • Each sticker is around 3.5"
    Stick anywhere that stickers stick
  • Sticking profusely in the Gerudo Desert did not attract Gerudo hotties
  • Can work as a band-aid. Does not stop bleeding. Prevents healing.
  • Won't function as undergarments. Take our word on this one

    Want to keep your pin safe?

    Locking Pin Backs

    12 individual locking pin backs!