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Enamel Pins

Dank Memes $10

Damn Daniel...we're back at it with the white pins again! Whats that? It's a DERNK MERMES LERPERR PERN!  Not only do you get it, you speak it. TMSOL much? You're the teacher in your posse and you've reached the top of the meme-verse with your fire verses. Beyond regs, dece, low kii savage — you've gone to dank and you need the medal to prove it. 

So buy Dank Memes and [REJOICE IN SPANISH] because you'll be wearing the last truly loved artifact that Harambe wore before his all too soon and untimely death...GOD WE MISS HIM.

  • High polished gold hard enamel pin with rubber clutch
  • Approx .75" wide x .7" tall


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