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Dank Memes $10

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Ancient legend tells of a way to be delivered a message via carrier pigeon at the very instant this product is re-stocked. Black Magic, we know, but if you'll lend your email, we'll take care of the science and sorcery.

Damn Daniel...we're back at it with the white pins again! Whats that? It's a DERNK MERMES LERPERR PERN!  Not only do you get it, you speak it. TMSOL much? You're the teacher in your posse and you've reached the top of the meme-verse with your fire verses. Beyond regs, dece, low kii savage — you've gone to dank and you need the medal to prove it. 

So buy Dank Memes and [REJOICE IN SPANISH] because you'll be wearing the last truly loved artifact that Harambe wore before his all too soon and untimely death...GOD WE MISS HIM.

  • High polished gold hard enamel pin with rubber clutch
  • Approx .75" wide x .7" tall


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    Locking Pin Backs

    12 individual locking pin backs!