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I Love Me Black $10


I mean, the way we see it you either love yourself or hate yourself. Well you could "meh" yourself, in which case, we've got a pin for that and you're welcome. You're still here? Oh right, love and hate. Screw hate, that sounds horrible and is sure to end in a night ending in way too many Jager bombs and waking up next to a wookie named Sal in a truck stop bathroom. QED? Hard no to hating yourself. 

So, if the scientific proof and methodology is right here, we're left with only one viable option: love yourself and we're glad you see it our way. After all, you've chosen an evening of glory, bubble baths with Lush (😍) soaps, binge viewings of The Bachelor (we believe in you Nick!), a lap full of slim jims (no that wasn't an innuendo), a chalice of Rosé and this insignificant shard of metal proving the alpha and omega of your mortal worth.

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