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Pen Tool $10

This one's for you, you ace of the artboard. We want you to know that we see you, you vector virtuoso; victorious and voracious in your hunger for vectory. Long have tales of your splendor rung through these hallowed artboards. You've beaten beziers into blackout submission and wrangled the rulers for your own dark bidding. Blank canvases fear your mighty name and yet thirst for the harmonious chorus of your feverish clicking. So–yes, this one's just for you, you Pen Tool paladin. We beseech thee, God of the Guide & Grid: Wear your prized tool as a knight bears her sword, for 'tis only right and true. Forever may you reign.

  • Soft enamel pin with rubber clutch
  • Approx 1" tall

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Locking Pin Backs

12 individual locking pin backs!