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Alien Series

Xenomorph Alien Series $10

The Xenomorph, slayer of humans, spewer of acid blood has now been immortalized in chibi form for the ultimate display of Alien fandom. Too plagued by memoirs of terror of the starfields? As the therapists we are (not), exposure therapy strongly implies that buying this enamel pin will help you face those terrors. You're welcome. 

Art by Rogie of Super Team Deluxe
Website  |  Dribbble  |  Twitter   Instagram

This piece originally debuted in the Sci-Fidelity, a Pop-Up Gallery hosted by Super Team Deluxe at Creative South.

  • Black Soft enamel 
  • Approx 0.86" tall by 0.87" wide
  • Green rubber clutch
  • Limited Edition of 100

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